• Catharine Riggs

In Praise of Difficult Women

A big thank you to for featuring an interview with two of the “difficult” female protagonists found in my Santa Barbara Suspense thrillers, What She Gave Away and What She Never Said. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but my characters ended up interviewing me, too.

Catharine: Quite a few readers have labeled you as difficult women. Would you care to respond?

Crystal: I call bullshit on that. I mean, what exactly is a difficult woman? A woman who runs rings around a man? Because the only people who ever called me “difficult” were the incompetent men I worked with who were threatened by my skills. And then there was the ex-boss who dinged me on my annual reviews because I refused to make coffee or fix the copy machine. Total jerk.

Ruth: I can relate to Crystal’s frustrations, but I think at my age I’ve gained perspective. Counseling has helped a lot. I admit to being a difficult woman, especially at work. In fact, primarily at work because for so many years I had no personal life, per se. In my case, I went through a terrible time in my late twenties and dealt with my problems by demanding perfection from myself and everyone else. No one could live up to my expectations. I’m much more accepting now.

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