• Catharine Riggs

Montecito Debris Flow-Penultimate Event

Interesting article by Melinda Burns of the Santa Barbara Independent revealing two recent (as in geologic time) events that preceded the 2018 Montecito debris flow which killed 23 people and damaged or destroyed 470 homes. The disaster forms a backdrop for the second and third novels in my Santa Barbara Suspense series. Thriller number two, What She Never Said, launches in September of 2019. Pre-order Now.

“As in Montecito, (Ed) Keller said, the team tracked a debris flow that occurred 1,000-2,000 years ago in Mission Creek; it dropped a boulder field in what is now Rocky Nook Park. But Santa Barbara, unlike Montecito, has not had a catastrophic flow in recent history, Keller said. “The system is primed for a big debris flow in the Mission Creek basin, down to Rocky Nook, Alamar Avenue and State Street, and the Oak Park area,” Keller said. “There hasn’t been one for a thousand years, and there are a lot of boulders in the creek.” Of course, Keller said, such a flow would most likely occur in the wake of a wildfire, followed by intense rain.”

Read the full article here:

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