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Santa Barbara Newcomers Book Club

I spent a delightful two hours yesterday with the members of the Santa Barbara Newcomers book club. Hosted by co-chairperson Shirley C. in her lovely new home, I enjoyed chatting with the eclectic group of women who asked a number of insightful questions about WHAT SHE GAVE AWAY, the first novel in my SANTA BARBARA SUSPENSE series. I passed around Kathi’s goblet and many, if not all, agreed that my all-too-passive POV character needed a good shake. The group was quite interested in the depiction of the fictitious fraud at my fictional community bank. I confirmed that yes, a borrower can face jail time for submitting fraudulent financial information to obtain a loan. I’ve taken one too many compliance classes to get that answer wrong. 😊 Thank you again, SB Newcomers! Hope to pay another visit with my September, 2019 release of the loosely linked sequel, WHAT SHE NEVER SAID. Preorder now at:

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