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The Story Behind the Story

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Thankful to have author Cynthia Hamilton include me and my debut thriller, WHAT SHE GAVE AWAY, in her blog focusing on “the story behind the story.” It was fun to write! I’ve posted her first paragraph here and you can access the rest of her blog at the link below.

“It takes confidence as a writer to create irritatingly flawed protagonists whom the reader ultimately roots for. Author Catharine Riggs manages to achieve this feat in her debut novel, “What She Gave Away”. Not only does she walk that tricky path, she slyly coaxes the reader to empathize with the frighteningly conniving Crystal Love and the nearly braindead Kathi Wright, and she does so while weaving back and forth from the present and the past, until we see the connectedness of the two orbits.”

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