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Thrillerfest 2018-It's a Wrap!

I spent a delightful four days in New York attending Thrillerfest. Highlights included mingling with some amazingly talented writers (and hoping some of that talent would rub off); a rooftop party hosted by Thomas & Mercer with a dramatic view of the Empire State Building; taking a long walk through the city that wound through Central Park; visiting the ‘Revolution’ display at the New York Public Library, and participating on the panel, “ANTICIPATION, TWISTS OR NAIL BITTER? Creating Suspense moderated by Panel Master Sandra Brannan. Sandra did a great job of asking probing questions that shed insight into her panelists’ unique methods for creating suspense. I also carved out some time to complete edits on the second (third?) draft of my novel-in-progress which has now been forwarded to reader #2. All in all a productive and fun week. Now back to work. Mulling over ideas for the third novel in my Santa Barbara Suspense series and looking forward to the September 4 launch of my debut novel, What She Gave Away.

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