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What She Never Said: Deeply twisted & uniquely framed...

Appreciative of today’s insightful review of What She Never Said on the “That’s What She’s Reading” blog.

From the moment I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read this one. The idea of euthanasia has always been an intriguing concept to me, especially in fiction, and having perhaps a serial killer use it as a means to murder the elderly without too much suspicion seemed like a fantastic story to delve into. And I couldn't have been more correct! The book is divided into sections titled after one of the seven deadly sins, and opens with brief glimpses from the "Angel's" perspective. This person truly tows the line between good and evil, believing their assistance is helping another, but their true motivations suggest a desire for ultimate control. Secrets are extracted in exchange for help; however, everyone has secrets, and some people are simply being killed to protect that information. Every character is flawed, and those flaws not only drive the plot, but keep suspicions mounting until the very end. Everyone has a motive, calling into question the confidence of this entire facility, and really any institution charged with caring for the most vulnerable among us.

"How naive I'd been not to have known the truth: there is no escaping the past."

Spanning a realistic timeline and told in multiple yet seamless perspectives, this is a slow-burning, deeply twisted, and uniquely framed mystery that packs a powerful punch. As the identity of the killer is slowly revealed, readers become privy to the secrets that fester for each character, and unfortunately for all involved, these burdens are not without a price. The story features an array of compelling discussions surrounding ageism and sexism as well as dynamics in relationships following trauma. The author's deft storytelling created not just an unsettling and suspenseful read, but one that kept me on the edge of my seat and the pages flying! This ended up being the perfect book to get me out of a reading slump because I DID NOT want to put it down!

Although this is the second book in a series, I believe that these books are loosely linked by location and not by characters. I look forward to picking up What She Gave Away soon and can't wait to read what else the author has in store next!”

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